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American Orthopedic Cast Cutter Model 295-200(long cord version)
American Orthopedic Cast Cutter Model 295-200(long cord version), which is a powerful and dependable saw that will service the orthopedic ... more info
American Orthopedic Cast Cutter w/Portable Dust Vacuum System
This is the American Orthopedic 295-400 Cast Cutter with portable dust Vacuum. Relative ease and comfort of use, coupled with the convenience of ... more info
American Orthopedic Model 295-200 Cast Cutter Saw (Refurbished)
This saw is modeled after the Stryker 840 saw, and is comparable in terms of power, weight, and reliability. (Refurbished 1-year warranty). This saw, ... more info
Boron Coated, or “Dichronite” Cast Saw Blade
This is a Boron coated, or “Dichronite” blade in 2.5 inches. Intended as an alternative coating to Titanium ion. This lower cost blade ... more info
BSN Bandage Scissors

Model: BSNBandageScissors
Price: $49.95
A professional quality version of the Esmarch Bandage scissor. A larger handle for greater fulcrum effect, resulting in easier cutting, and less hand ... more info
This redirects to our sister site for sending cast cutter machines for evaluation and repair.  We evaluate and repair all manufacturers units ... more info
CastVac Filter

Model: Stryker986-500
Price: $189.00
Maybe you are looking for the Stryker 986-500 filter cartridge. This model has been replaced by the unit shown next to it in the photo! This is the ... more info
Companion Blade Wrench

Model: BladeWrench
Price: $19.95
If you have older cast cutters which employ conventional style “blade nut” attachment hardware, you  need  an adjustable wrench ... more info
DeSoutter CC5 Cast Cutter with Dust Vacuum System (refurbished)
This unit is completely refurbished in excellent condition. This cast removal system features both two-speed saw hand piece and two-speed vacuum ... more info
M-Pact (Martin Medical) 4183 Light Duty Cast Cutter (Refurb)
Mpact (Martin Medical) light duty cast cutter (refurbished) suitable for occasional use in practices where fracture casting is not used frequently as ... more info


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