American Orthopedic Cast Cutter Model 295-200(long cord version)

  • Model: AO295-200_CC

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American Orthopedic Cast Cutter Model 295-200(long cord version), which is a powerful and dependable saw that will service the orthopedic professional for decades! This model saw has a history of service since the 1960's and is a favorite of orthopedists at all levels. This saw comes with two blades for synthetic casting materials, and a wrench to make the blade changes when necessary. A user manual is also included. A one year warranty is included with this saw! 
 American made saws are the best investment because parts are available, making SERVICE AVAILABLE for many years to come. You cannot say that about foreign made saws; e.g. Chinese and those models made in the far east. No parts available; thereby making your investment... a limited one. Maybe you will spend hundreds of dollars on a foreign-made saw which will not last a year.


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