Stryker 940 Cast Dust Collection Shroud REPAIR Kit

  • Model: Stryker940DCS1

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If you have dropped your 940 cast cutter and the transparent dust collection shroud is damaged or broken, chances are pretty good that you can repair it “in-house”. The Stryker 940 repair kit is a self-contained hardware store of the parts you need. Complete with detailed instructions, use the kit to put yourself back in business right away! Additionally, It will work exceedingly well.on the Stryker 986 too.

Many 986/940 Stryker users have experienced damage to the distal end of their cast cutter when the saw hand piece accidentally falls to the floor. The blue plastic “nozzle” which vacuums up the dust created by the saw blade, becomes broken, or separated from the front drive mounting post; where the attachment screw is supposed to hold the “nozzle” in place. Be advised that this kit is only useful if the mounting post threads are still intact after the injury. If the threads have been destroyed, then the front blade shaft drive assembly MUST BE REPLACED! and we can handle that repair job.

JUST A REMINDER that ALL BLADES, and accessories are available and will be supported for many many years to come.

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