Cast Cutter Machine Parts

Here you will find actual castcutter machine parts...

Needle Bearing - Stryker

Stryker 840,848,810 and others Needle Bearing The main bearing utilized in the front drive assembly of most all Stryker cast cutters and autopsy saw,...


Stryker On/Off Power Switch

Stryker on/off switch This electro-mechanical switch fits the models Stryker 840,848,and 810 saws. It is a 120v,14amp capable control slim fit which...


American Orthopedic 295-200 Blade Hold-down Hrdwr

This is the correct hardware for the American Orthopedic, BSN, Zimmer, DePuy, and M-pact (blue exterior paint color) saws. These saws were all...


Front Drive Assembly - Stryker

Front drive assembly for Stryker 940 This modular drive will replace broken, worn or damaged oscillation drive mechanisms for the Stryker...


Motor Brushes - Stryker

Product motor brushes Stryker cast cutter models 840,848,810 1 Pair of motor brushes which fit the Stryker 840 cast saw, the 848 cast saw, the 810...


Rubber Cable Power Cord Attachment Straps (1 set of 6)

Universal Cable/power cord attachment straps (rubber) for associating the cast cutter saw power cord in parallel with the vacuum dust hose. This...


Stryker 940 Cast Cutter 120V Control Module (power output)

940 Power Output board This unit controls the speed and power distribution for the cast cutter saw.  


Stryker 940/986 Cast Cutter Handpiece Dust Hose to Vacuum

Stryker 986 CastVac replacement hose assembly This is the replacement hose for the Stryker CastVac 986. It is pictured with the power cord...


Stryker 986 Vacuum Lid Hold-Down Hinge Set (1 side only/set)

Lid Hinge replacement kit for Stryker 986 You can replace lost, or broken lid hold-down hinges on your Stryker 986 vacuum. This kit provides one...



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