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The specialized tools used in the orthopedic casting process...

(image for) Stryker 82 Cast Spreader

Stryker 82 Cast Spreader

The model 82 hand-held cast spreader/breaker utilizes four (4) prongs or “teeth” to open a larger swath of cast with each application. A...


(image for) Stryker 940 Cast Dust Collection Shroud REPAIR Kit

Stryker 940 Cast Dust Collection Shroud REPAIR Kit

This is the Stryker 940/986 cast cutter repair kit. It allows you to repair your broken dust collection shroud without having to send it out for...


(image for) Companion Blade Wrench

Companion Blade Wrench

If you have older cast cutters which employ conventional style “blade nut” attachment hardware, you  need  an adjustable wrench...


(image for) Stryker 840 Cast Cutter - Completely Refurbished Unit

Stryker 840 Cast Cutter - Completely Refurbished Unit

The finest Cast Cutter ever made. Eighty percent of these saws are still in service after 30 years in use. Powerful, ergonomic; durability and...


(image for) Stryker 3/16 Hex Key

Stryker 3/16 Hex Key

If you have a Stryker 940 cast saw, you MUST have a blade change “key” to replace the cast saw blade at given intervals. This 3/16”...


(image for) BSN Bandage Scissors

BSN Bandage Scissors

A professional quality version of the Esmarch Bandage scissor. A larger handle for greater fulcrum effect, resulting in easier cutting, and less hand...


(image for) CastVac Filter

CastVac Filter

Maybe you are looking for the Stryker 986-500 filter cartridge. This model has been replaced by the unit shown next to it in the photo! This is the...



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