Replacement Cast Cutter Blades

These are direct OEM replacements for the cast cutter machines...

Stryker 940-26 Replacement Cast Saw Blade

The PTFE (Teflon) coated blade has been developed to provide a lower cost, low-temperature generating 940 replacement blade. This is particularly...
$159.95  $29.95
Save: 81% off


Original Stainless Steel Cast Cutter Blade

The original cast cutter blade constructed of Stainless Steel, polished to a bright smooth finish to reduce drag on the upper and lower blade...


Boron Coated, or “Dichronite” Cast Saw Blade

This is a Boron coated, or “Dichronite” blade in 2.5 inches. Intended as an alternative coating to Titanium ion. This lower cost blade...


The BSN 2.5” Titanium Blade

The BSN 2.5” Titanium blade is the most efficacious cast cutter blade for use with today’s hard synthetic casting materials. The blade is...


Stryker 940-25 Stainless Steel Replacement Cast Saw Blade

The Stryker 940 Stainless Steel cast saw blade is a basic, economical accessory hardened and tempered to provide durable cast removal in the general...
$69.95  $59.95
Save: 14% off


Stryker 940-35 Titanium Nitrided Replacement Cast Saw Blade

The Titanium coating provides a lubricious surface which reduces friction at the Cast/blade interface. Lower blade temperatures and improved cutting...
$159.95  $59.95
Save: 63% off


Stryker 940-23 Ion Nitrided Replacement Cast Saw Blade

These blades are an updated DIRECT REPLACEMENT!  Please read on... This product is replacing the Stryker 940-23 Ion Nitrided cast...


Stryker 840-23 Ion Nitrided Replacement Cast Saw Blade

The Stryker 840-23 cast cutter blade provides maximum blade life with excellent performance in rapid, safe, cast removal. Boron nitriding provides a...

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Stryker 940-26 Replacement Cast Saw Blade
$159.95  $29.95
Save: 81% off


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